I love my job

Why I chose to be a photographer of love stories

If you follow this blog or if you already read some of my articles, you should know by now: I love my job.

Maybe what you don't know is why I chose it. Yes, because it was a precise choice of mine, since several years ago I had a completely different job. And I always had that bad feeling of wasting my time, day after day.
But now I do what I like, for many reasons. Here they are.

I love my job

My favourite photo of Vanessa and Nick Wedding. Even if they are halfway around the world we keep messaging each other.

I am a photographer, and I always liked to photograph

Fortunately my dad has always been a photography enthusiast. And he has always been the hero and the example to be imitated. Then, as often happens, the imitation grew (just as I grew up) and turned into something that stood on its legs, until it get here. Who knows how it will continue to grow and transform, from here on out.

I meet a lot of people

Of course, even with the "old" clerk job I met people. If wonderful friendships were born with some colleagues, most of the people I ended up meeting were nothing more than daily meteors, forgotten after a technical meeting or once the job was delivered. Today I remember the people I "work with" one by one, indeed: couple by couple. And with them the people they care about.
These are meetings that always leave something behind and you will understand why if you continue reading.

Couple dancing happily
Grandmother hugging her granddaughter who gets married

I tell stories with pictures

I've always been a little envious of the great writers I love, for their ability to tell stories that alienated me from the real world in the moments when I'm immersed in reading. But with writing I can't, I don't say to achieve, but not even to imitate those results remotely. Instead photography is a perfect medium for me: I absorb the signals of the environment around me, I wait for the right moment... and I look for a story in every photograph I take. Each of these will contribute to forming a wider story: the entire photographic reportage.

A dad hugs his adult children

A father, moved, embraces his children, including the bride

It's my job

It's my job: I want to carry out it from start to finish, without compromise. Each photo shoot is a small creation of mine: I like to cuddle and shape it.
Mind you though: for me a "photo shoot" is not just a sequence of photos. Instead, it is the whole process that starts from the first contact I have with my couples and ends with the development of the photographs. That's why I'm always curious to know so many details about your wedding and about you. Because I want to be not a stranger with a camera, but your friend with the camera.
My job is to shape a story on the basis, solid but malleable, of your being, your characters, your story. In the photo shoot it is obvious that there is a lot of me, but there will be just as much of you. And I'm not referring to your image.

A just married couple in harmony with nature

A wedding in harmony with nature

I am your DeLorean

I did not choose the name of my studio by chance, obviously together with Andrea. I didn't want it to be aseptic as my first and last name which, for those who don't know me, doesn't mean much. Nor I have ever feared that my identity would be lost: IstantiSenzaTempo (meaning TimeLessMoments) is me and I am IstantiSenzaTempo.

Just in the name IstantiSenzaTempo and in what, to be cool, I will call payoff, that is Your Love | Your Story | Your Memories, there is a summary of what represents me and my work.
You are the center of it all. I am only the flux capacitor that will allow you to go back in time, experiencing the exact same emotions of that special day: at the beginning you will see yourself from the outside, full of wonder, as when you watched as children the world through colored slides; then, it is inevitable, you will end up in there and be, even if for a moment, out of time.

IstantiSenzaTempo|We take care of Your Memories

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