A new awareness

Love in the Time of Covid

Finally since the end of August we have been back to taking pictures and shooting videos for what we like best: weddings!

There have been many difficulties our couples have encountered in carrying out the organization of their weddings but, with the spirit of those who want to reach their goal, they have succeeded in their endeavour. Both the ceremonies and parties were touching – so touching – and fun. In documenting them we have returned to breathe "our" air, almost as if we had returned to the mountains after a long period spent in the city.

Italian Wedding Photographer
Italian Wedding Videographer

Here we are grappling with what we love the most!

We will slowly show you these new works, but first we would like to tell you something that is very important to us.

As you can imagine, this year has been very particular for us from a business point of view: most of the weddings have been postponed, others (those of foreign couples) have been canceled in favor of more practical solutions in their own countries. Some, those of this period, resisted.
Like most people around the world we certainly had more free time during the lockdown and immediately after it.

We therefore took the opportunity to think about our values and our working method, but above all to look within ourselves and understand what we could improve in what we do.

We had already guessed which elements could help us create the ideal conditions to get you over your embarrassment, but finally the abundance of time and the lack of distractions allowed us to focus on them, to grasp them and master them.

We started with a simple observation: most of brides-and-grooms-to-be, during our first meeting, are afraid of not being photogenic or of not being able to stay in front of a camera. They look at our past photographs thinking that the other couples were used to being photographed. So they fear for the success of their wedding photo shoot.
But it's not: so far none of our clients have had a past as a model. Yet their photographs are always natural and candid and above all each of them recognizes themselves in those images.

This is what we have always done by relying on instinct, on our way of seeing life, on our relationship with the world around us: to make our couples so comfortable to produce the results you can look at in the gallery.

But now we have reached a greater degree of awareness and we have rationalized part of our working method, leaving even more free the part linked to emotions and to our artistic side.

We have therefore created the Love Story Method, which consists of a series of procedures that we will follow from now on and which, we are sure, will lead us to increasingly exciting results.

Because for us this is what matters: when you look at your photographs and your film, you will remember those moments, that caress, that laugh, that hug, that kiss and you will be moved with the same intensity lived on the wedding day.

To learn more about the Love Story Method, you can look at the new page of the website dedicated to it. The next works we will publish will talk about our evolution. Here's a sneak peek for you.

Bride and groom hugging each other

A proof of our new awareness.

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