A Wedding in an italian castle

Angela, Pasquale, and the magic of Harry Potter

The wedding season has finally started again and this year, both we and our couples, have looked forward to it like never before!

Angela and Pasquale are the first amazing couple! They organized a wedding in an italian castle not far from Rome, in the city of Vicovaro, in the Cenci Bolognetti Castle. A place steeped in history, built in the thirteenth century and then enlarged and renovated in the eighteenth century: the mixture of styles and genres is now visible both in the structure and in the interiors, especially in some completely frescoed large rooms.
The main reason they chose to get married in a castle is their immense passion for the Harry Potter saga, which obviously became the main theme of the whole event!

The atmospheres of the large halls, with the thin but powerful beams of light that make their way through the narrow windows, the winding passages and finally the wooded surroundings, can only recall some glimpses of the imagination of Hogwarts. Close the circle an elegant setting and the gem of the seating table with the tables named after some chapters of the saga.

The name of the newlyweds' table can only be The Unbreakable Vow: for the few who do not know it, it is a type of binding magical contract cast between two wizards. They have to shake their right hands, in the presence of a witness who summons the spell. It makes their bond indissoluble, until death do them part... Isn't it brilliant?

Speaking of unbreakable vows, Angela and Pasquale were keen to celebrate a religious ceremony and therefore chose the Church of San Pietro Apostolo, adjacent to the Cenci Bolognetti Castle.

A Wedding in an italian castle

Angela got ready right in the castle, in a huge and architecturally very interesting room, in the company of her mother, sister and niece. Pasquale instead opted for a different structure, La Tenuta di Rocca Bruna, where he was supported by his parents and his two witnesses.

I leave you with the list of suppliers – and the ways to contact them – who have contributed to making this day "magical" and the selection, as per the title of the column, of the 20 representative photographs of this wedding in the castle.
For the more curious among you, at the end of the gallery you will find the slideshow, containing about 90 photographs, which describes this wedding in a more complete way, also with a musical accompaniment appropriate to the atmosphere I breathed that day.

Wedding Castle Rome
Groom getting ready with his mother
Groom mirroring
Hugo Boss Wedding Suit
Bride getting ready in a castle
Detail of bride getting ready
Wedding Make-up
Lipstick for bride
Bride Jewellery
Get married in a castle
Wedding Church in Vicovaro
Groom entrance in church
Emotions during wedding
Bride entrance in church
Bride moving
Wedding religious ceremony
I now pronounce you husband and wife
Wedding throwing rice
Bride and Groom Silhouette
Bride and groom portrait
Harry Potter Wedding Theme
Bouquet toss
Bouquet catcher
Forst dance

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