A Magic Wedding

Serena and Leonardo at Tenuta la Torretta

2020 has been quite a troubled year when it comes to weddings (and not only them...), you all know that. However, between postponements, cancellations (especially by foreigners), insecurities, reorganizations, there were someone who did not want to give up their marriage. And, to be honest, none of them regretted this kind of choice, at least among "our" couples.

Among these brave couples, the first were Serena and Leonardo, a splendidly matched couple with very clear ideas. She is an archaeologist, he is an engineer, both with many passions in common. The date they chose to get married was May 30th but they then decided to move the wedding exactly three months after that date, August 30th.

In hindsight, they made the right decision, although at first it was a bit painful due to some inevitable sacrifices. On August 30th in Rome, an early morning rain helped refresh a late summer day, only to be forgotten in the afternoon, leaving us with a clear sky, a memorable sunset and an evening with a splendid moon. During this day, which is somewhat atypical for everyone, there was no lack of emotions: those so strong that it is impossible to hold them back and which flow in the form of tears and the sweet ones, whispered with looks, caresses and gentle hugs.

A Magic Wedding

It is these emotions that make a wedding magical. And you know how much we want to leave you with memories that allow you to relive them with the same intensity as then.

But in this wedding there is still so much more magic in addition to that generated by emotions.
There is the magic of the ancient city of Monterano, always able to give intense vibrations, immersed in its atmosphere at the same time solemn and decadent. At sunset there's an amazing light that insinuates between the gaps in the walls and roofs and then bounces off the ancient stones, before resting delicately on Serena and Leonardo. But that evening the light was more special than ever: it allowed us to underline every gesture, every look, every caress: even if you didn't know anything about them, you would be able to clearly perceive a single flow of energy that passes through them and then close itself harmoniously.
Finally there is the magic of Harry Potter, of which Serena and Leonardo are very enthusiast. Therefore, references to the little English magician and his world could not be missing right from the invitations, and then close the circle with a special tableau plan, the set-up of the venue and obviously four imperial tables that recall the great hall of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Before leaving you at the approximately 20 photographs as per the rubric, I would like to add a brief note on the editing process, which is an integral part of my creative process and which I customize for each wedding: in this way the appearance of each wedding or couple photo shoot is unique and linked to the sensations and emotions I experienced during the "journey" with the couples, from the first meeting to the day of the event.


Bride getting ready

Bride getting ready at La Torretta

Make up bride

Groom getting ready

Bride portrait during getting ready

The veil if the Bride Dress

Sonia Lupo Bride Dress

Bride entering the church

Groom welcomes the bride at the altar

Groom embraces the bride at the altar

Religious Wedding in Italy

Religious Wedding in Rome

Newlyweds end wedding ceremony

Moved groom

Wedding portrait at Ancient Monterano

Black and white wedding portrait

Romantic wedding couple portrait

Newlyweds hugging

Wedding photography at sunset

Harry Potter themed Wedding

Wedding dances

Bride dancing with her girlfriends

Bride dancing with bridesmaids

First dance of the newlyweds

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