One needs passion to do your best work and to get involved in situations that give purpose to your life.

Steve McCurry

Francesco Galdieri - Photographer

I don’t remember the precise moment in which my passion for photography first arose. It is one of those things you feel are in you since you were born. I only remember my Dad’s cameras, those strange ones you looked into from above, his stories about when, a young man, he would develop his negatives at home, his snapshots during celebrations and the cataloguing of the infinite number of slides.

What I do remember however, is the instant in which that passion became overwhelming. I was at the exhibition of Steve McCurry, the photographer whose picture has become the symbol of National Geographic magazine, the Afghan woman with deep, shimmering eyes. The excitement I felt in seeing those images was incredibly compelling and listening to his words from an explanatory video changed my life.

Notwithstanding I had a career in a completely different sector, I decided, together with my wife and life companion Mary, that I would follow this passion. From this moment “work” is no longer a duty, but something I cannot live without.

Considering Mary is a wedding designer, La Sposa degli Alberi, it seemed natural to turn my passion into a profession in her same sector.
Marriage is an important event in the life of those lucky enough to build it up and want to live it all the way. It is an intimate moment but at the same time, it is a moment to be shared with the loved ones in a celebration that every couple organizes meticulously.
It is therefore a moment that should stand still in time for all to remember the intense emotions and the details that on that occasion seemed to slip away whilst time flew too rapidly.

I had the opportunity of meeting some incredible people, professionals of the sector, who believed in me and allowed me to work with them, acquiring experience, people who I will never thank too much. Maybe they perceived that glow in my eyes that would return each time we spoke of photography.

I have travelled a lot (but never too much) and always with a camera by my side. It was therefore natural for me to convey my natural and realistic style to marriage photography: with great discretion I try to seize all those instants that, like in a mosaic, together can represent that day, that occasion, the two individuals united in marriage.

Andrea Tricarico - Filmmaker

I remember the afternoons exploring the boundless American lands in the company of Lieutenant Dunbar in Dance with Wolves, I remember the William Wallace freedom scream in Braveheart, the surprises and surreal encounters of the weird Forrest Gump and the thousand other emotions in that collection of the 80s and 90s VHS. This is how I grew up and I learned the Seventh Art.

I am madly in love with stories and I find that movies are the most complete way to tell them. You can see, You can listen, You can totally immerse yourself in other lives and universes: Cinema for me is simply magic.

I have the great fortune of being always lived in the city of art and of constant inspiration, starting from the romantic Venice, where I was born; passing through London, a multi-ethnic city with lively contrasts; arriving in the Capital of Italy: Rome, where You can breath history in all its forms. I also have an irrepressible passion for travel, for different cultures from mine and for nature. In any occasion I try to travel and be inspired by new experiences, encounters and tastes.

Everything I experienced and tried is reported in my Wedding Films. By choosing me, You will not only choose an expert technician, but You will choose my point of view, my story of your story. I think, in fact, that the Wedding Day is one of the highest emotions of life, where sensations are at their maximum and every moment is unique and that's why I love this job. I get emotioned with You in front of the love I see in your eyes and what I hear in your words.

Every Wedding Film is a different honor and emotion for me. My mission is to be your discreet narrator and the witness of your love in the most authentic possible way.

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