IstantiSenzaTempo: who we are NOT

1. We are NOT strangers with the camera

We are not the ones you will see for the first time on your Wedding Day and who will know nothing about you.

We are not the ones who will come only to do their job, but we will be two people you can count on for everything.

2. We are NOT the ones who copy-paste

We are not the ones who have a format to apply to all couples indiscriminately.

We are not the ones who have a preset filter to use on all images.

3. We are NOT the ones who work on 50 weddings per year

We are not the ones who want to make weddings a factory.

We are not the ones who don't want to take the time to really make each job unique.

IstantiSenzaTempo: who we are

We are Francesco and Andrea, photographer and videographer founder of IstantiSenzaTempo

Our paths crossed when we became brothers-in-law and photography and video were not our job yet, but our passion.

We had two careers in completely different areas which guaranteed us economic security. But we didn't feel fulfilled and we felt we were wasting our lives on something we didn't like.
By talking about it together and empowering each other, we made the decision to leave our old jobs and dedicate ourselves to what made us feel alive: telling stories through our photographs and videos.

Right from the start, we strongly believed that love stories were the most significant to tell. And that they were above all engaging, thanks to the ability to get to know the people we would have portrayed.

That's why we set up our working method, which we called Love Story Method, as an experience to be done together with "our" couples.
Every couple has a story that deserves to be told in a unique way.
But we cannot tell it by ourselves: ​​you will share your story, your passions, your tastes with us, to allow us to make photos and videos that unmistakably represent them.

On the day of the event you will have two friends with cameras at your side, not two strangers.

IstantiSenzaTempo: Francesco, italian wedding photographer
Francesco | I can't help traveling | I like getting lost through the pages of my books | I can't even draw a house, but I love comics of all kinds | I don't conceive of a world without music, to listen and play | I will always be a subject of cats | Rankings don't make sense to me | I like to study (any topic) | I play videogames since I realized I had the opposable thumb | In the past I went to the cinema 3 times a week | I am demanding on food: I prefer cooking than going to a restaurant | Whiskey, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Gin: excellent quality and in small doses | Workout is a mental state | I love my family
IstantiSenzaTempo: Andrea, italian wedding videographer
Andrea | I am half Mexican by acquisition, so yes: I like fiesta and siesta | Tell me about space, stars and universe and I will listen to you for hours | I love pizza, but more burgers | I love burgers, but more pizza | Sorry Italy, but I prefer beer to wine (but I drink that too) | My ideal evening is: good company, sofa and Netflix | I feel alive in the middle of nature | I prefer the mountain to the sea | I have visited more than 30 countries and no, I don't have enough | I also was a waiter in London | I have practiced karate for 14 years, but I have quit as many | It seems obvious to me, but I love cinema | I prefer to stay behind the camera | I love to tell stories
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